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September 7, 2011 at 10:46am

List of Burlesque Names From the Year 2065

  • Busty Space Helmet
  • Nuclear Holly-caust
  • Velma Lasertits
  • Zsa Zsa GaBorg
  • Wanda Cyber
  • Nano Nanette
  • Virtual Rhea Perlman
  • Honeysuckle Apocalypse
  • Automatoni Braxton
  • Nike Dri Fit Negligee
  • Thick Airiel
  • Garbage Island Gladys (also a Garbage Pail Kid)
  • Genetic Mutation Ginger
  • Kentucky Steampunk
  • Astronaut Ice Cream Ambrosia
  • Enslaved by Apes DeVille
  • Dusty Brain in a Jar
  • Protein Pasties
  • A.I.B.J.
  • Gene Wildest
  • Juicy Jetson
  • Suspended AnimAsian
  • Hoverboard Larue
  • Techonologigi
  • RoboBandersnatch 5000
  • Dame Dystopia
  • Lil’ Mutant Fanny
  • The Omega Minge
  • Venus (the planet) de Milo
  • Thumbprint Identification Sexborg
  • Fallout Misty
  • Soylent Galore
  • Woody Alien
  • Repli-c-word
  • V1000
  • Bullet Time Trixie
  • Gobbles Wang
  • Metallic Butt Woman
  • Space Lord Mother Mother
  • Ginger the Giant Bug
  • Gattaca Boobs

I wrote this list for a show in January.  Sorry about everything.


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    Virtual Rhea Pearlman is totally my favorite. Not at ALL a good burly name, but still…LOVE.
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    This was one of my favorite Hero Show sketches!
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    Dave Shumka for Space President 2065.
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    The only thing wrong with this list is that it doesn’t go on for 200 more names.
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